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Why Buy From Us?


What is it about who you are your experience and credentials that make RxCleanAir the right choice to help me with my indoor air quality concerns?

I believe in fairness, integrity and giving people the facts in a straight forward approach, trying always to exceed client expectations. Since 1996 I have been in the field examining all kinds of indoor air quality issues in homes and places of work, identifying indoor air contaminants and implementing solutions.

We will only sell indoor air quality products that work and bring positive results. I am very passionate about indoor air quality and want to continue helping everyone enjoy better health by breathing the cleanest air possible for healthier living.

My credentials as a certified indoor environmental consultant, C.I.E.C. and the body of knowledge required with documented and verified projects by the ACAC board of trustees makes me more than qualified to consult in this field.


What potential misconceptions do people have about indoor air quality issues, and how should they think about them instead?

In all fairness let me first say that most people do not find out about a potential bad environment until the following:
a. Leave there home for a trip and feel better while away then being at home.
b. Lingering symptoms.
c. Going to a doctor when you’re sick and getting treated for the symptom coming home and not getting better.


When should they contact you? What would they see or experience that would let them know they need your products or consulting?

As soon as they think that they may have an indoor air quality concern. I am always available through email and you can expect a response within 24 hours.

The first step is identifying if an indoor air quality issues is a valid concern by purchasing the appropriate test kit through our website www.rxcleanair.com

After receiving the lab results from one of our accredited laboratories then I can assist with the best cost effective solution.

Find out what you are breathing.
When it comes to your family and your health, why guess?


What are a couple of your best success stories?

I am fortunate that in all my years of experiencing with working with people I have never had a bad outcome. I am always testing the latest technology for identifying and correcting all indoor air quality concerns like: mold, chemicals, (VOC’s), radon, lead, asbestos, etc.

Here are a few too many wonderful experiences and joy to mention.

A wife and mother were experiencing extreme migraine headaches every day. Her search for solutions and purchasing many different advertised air cleaning systems at great expense did not do anything for her condition. After listening to all her symptoms and consulting with me I recommended testing for formaldehyde in her home. When the test came back positive we implemented the right filters for her air cleaning systems and within days she felt relief. She purchased another test kit after 30 days and the test came back within acceptable range.

A child under six years old was constantly breaking out in rashes and had difficulty breathing. Several doctor visits with increased prescriptions the child was showing little to know improvement with this situation. Through a referral I was contacted. After reviewing the symptoms we implemented two indoor air quality tests allergen screen and fiberglass tests. The results showed high levels of dust mites. The child was brought to an allergist who confirmed that this was the root cause of the child issues.

I will continue to do my utmost to keep to these core principles that makes me happy in knowing that positive results come from doing the right things.