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OUR U.S.A. Manufactured Pureatech Replacement Filters 

Our Pureatech replacement filters protects your environment from mold spores, pollen, dust mites, animal dander and many other harmful indoor airborne contaminants that makes the air you breathe unsafe.

Our filters are made with a high quality Kimberley Clark microbial resistant filter media and therefore no UV-bulb is required.    

We offer different quantities of filter packs to fit your needs: Choose 2/2; 4/4; 6/6 or 12/12. All packs include an equal amount of 1st & 2nd stage filters. 1st stage pre-filters you can select a MERV 11 or a MERV 13 rated filter, 2nd stage filters, odorban/carbon are MERV 8 rated.



TRUE Anti-allergen hypo allergenic filters Regular size -19 1/2 x 18 3/4 x 2 *
TRUE High capacity filters with more pleats per square inch Larger size - 19 1/2 x 24 x 2 *
TRUE Wholesale prices The recommended filter change is both filters changed every other month

TRUE MERV 11 or MERV 13 rated pre-filters, (1st stage) you select 

TRUE No chemical applied to our filter media to prevent UV-Bulb filter disintegration

NO UV-Bulb required our filter media is microbial resistant. UV-Bulb constant on filter media could damage our high quality filter media.

Caution: Continual UV-bulb operating in a Pureatech system indoors could create excessive ozone levels exceeding E.P.A. standards.




Pureatech Filters

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