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Indoor air quality, is it your priority?

With most of Americans spending more than 90% of their time indoors, much of it at home, the quality of indoor air is an important element in ensuring your family’s good health. We at http://www.rxcleanir.com believe that clean air is your best medicine.

Poor indoor air can have a detrimental effect on people’s well-being, from a general sense of feeling tired or “under the weather” to contributing to, or even triggering, allergies and asthma. You can visit our online store at www.rxcleanair.com for indoor air quality products, furnace filters, air purifiers and more.

A home’s air is affected by many things: off-gassing from building materials, finishes and furniture; excessive moisture leading to mould growth; improper ventilation, and incomplete combustion in heating systems. Our daily activities also have a big effect — moisture from cooking, bathing and laundering; off-gassing from household cleaners; hair, dander and litter dust from pets and even emissions from equipment in a home office, just to mention a few.  So the key to a healthy life is breathing clean air, we believe it and we care.