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Do you have a Pureatech air filtration system?

Having a Pureatech air filtration system can be a benefit as long as you did not pay the initial high price for the system or continue to pay a high price for their replacement filters. See our alternative for better filters at wholesale costs. http://www.rxcleanair.com/pureatech-filters/  Most of the high costs were because of their marketing campaign which was quite expensive and extensive, seven cities. They passed this high cost off to the consumer which was the reason for the high cost of there system.  Then they eventually closed their doors due to poor performance and lack of service.

The average costs for a comparable air cleaner with that MERV 8 rating would be around $100. Pureatech made their filters an odd size so you had to buy from them exclusively, again at a very high price to the consumer. So after they went bankrupt the president of Pureatech reopened under a new corporation and starting selling the Pureatech filters at the same high cost to you, the consumer. Until now!

RxCleanAir sells wholesale Pureatech replacement filters for the best price with a higher MERV rating, made here in the USA and we tell you exactly the amount of filters you’re receiving, unlike the original Pureatech sales people still trying to be deceptive.

Don't be fooled by Pureatech again! Our filters do a better job for less cost.

On staff we have a board certified environmental consultant to assist you with any indoor air quality questions. Here are a few features of our filters that replace the high costing Pureatech filters:

True MERV 11 Rated Filters

True Anti-Allergy Filters

True High Capacity with more pleats

True Wholesale Prices 

Guaranteed Savings with our Pureatech 1 year filter kit - 12 Pack (6) pleated & (6) odor ban carbon filters.  

We also offer a discounted Pureatech 2 year filter kit 24 Pack (12) pleated & (12) odor ban carbon filters.  

Why so many like our replacement Pureatech Filters
Pureatech OEM filters are over rated and expensive. We manufacture a true MERV 11 Perfectly sized replacement filter, which is better, for a fraction of the cost. On request we can offer a MERV 13 which is the highest rated filter for an inline system, email me directly at support@rxcleanair.com for this request.  

About Filters 
Our high capacity MERV 11 
Pureatech replacement filters provides excellent filtration and longer service life than typical air filters. A sturdy 2 piece frame construction reduces dust and allergen bypass since it rests firmly inside the Pureatech system. It does a great job of capturing allergens like pollen, dust mites, plant spores, large pet dander, carpet fibers, dog hair, cat hair, human hair, large pet dander, and more. 

High capacity in pleated air filters relates to the number of pleats in a filter. Simply stated, the more pleats in an air conditioning or furnace filter, the better air flow and higher dust holding capacity; it works better and lasts longer than what you can purchase anywhere else. This air filter averages 16 pleats per foot versus 10 - 14 pleats per foot in most store bought filters. Our air filter media content is more than double the area of the filter itself; a filter that is 4 square feet has more than 9 square feet of media. More media traps more allergens. You may have noticed when selecting air filters at your favorite store that it is flimsy and can bow in your air conditioner or furnace. Our filters are not like that. Every filter is manufactured with commercial quality. A bottom beverage board, tray-like frame is laid down, the wire-back pleated media is placed inside, and then a sturdy, moisture-resistant beverage board top frame is laid on top and glued to the bottom frame. The result is a sturdy, effective air filter which is, by the way, made by hand in the USA.

Replacement Filter Sizes
Regular size Puratech System - 19 1/2 x 18 3/4 x 2
Larger size Pureatech System - 19 1/2 x 24 x 2


Question: Do I need a UV germicidal bulb? The answer is no!

You cannot slow the air speed down enough inside the air stream on an inline retro fitted air cleaner for UV light to be effective. The UV bulb concept was used by Pureatech for marketing a third stage for their system, which totally was ineffective and it just didn’t work.

A UV germicidal bulb however is extremely effective in certain portable HEPA air purifier systems. Where the UV light is in a sealed chamber which effectively destroys microbial growth by prohibiting the organism to reproduce, thus keeping the HEPA filter media clean and sterile. 

If you have questions about the Pureatech system or our filter replacements, please email us today and a specialist will be happy to answer your questions.