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​Pureatech Filters 4 Much Less

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Pureatech Filters 4 Much Less - Guaranteed best pricing - rxcleanair.com‎

Free Shipping to your door, fast delivery, microbial resistant pleats, no ozone producing UV-bulb required. Your choice for a MERV 11 or 13 and you always pick your quantity of filters. Higher quality, better pricing board certified I.A.Q. consultant available via phone (770) 362-2690 or email joe@rxcleanair.com

www.rxcleanair.com/‎ for all of your indoor air quality products, “We care about your air”

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Pureatech: Best Online Pricing For Replacement Filters

Best online prices for Pureatech replacement filters. One year pack: (6) 1st stage filters, (6) carbon/odorban filters.FREE Shipping

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Pureatech Coupon for replacement filters

Not Just Your Typical Online Offer! Dear Valued Customer: We hope that you are having an Great day. Please review our Pureatech replacement filter offer.   Is High Cost Of Filters The Reason You’re Not Using Your Pureatech System? Problem solved! Here At RxCleanAir we understand the importance of cost effective filter replacements and breathing clean air. Our commitment: Better [...]

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We stock all major brand furnace replacement filters sized and priced right

We stock all major brand furnace replacement filters sized and priced right here.  Have a custom order or would like to order in bulk, please contact us today.                                                           [...]

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UV germicidal bulb and my Pureatech system, do I need it?

You cannot slow the air speed down enough inside the air stream on any inline retro fitted air cleaner for UV light to be effective, therefore the answer is no. This is true for all inline air cleaners not just Pureatech. The UV bulb concept was used by the now defunct company known as Pureatech for marketing purposes to promote [...]

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Furnace Filters in your size, wholesale pricing, Shipped To Your Door

Furnace FILTERS 1"-6" thickness, all sizes, great quality, wholesale pricing, shipped to your door.The Rx brand high capacity MERV 8, MERV 11 & MERV 13 air filters come in odd and all sizes. Our filters provide good filtration and longer service life than any store bought air filters. Its sturdy 2 piece frame construction reduces dust and allergen [...]

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Carbon Filters

The Rx brand high capacity Carbon/Odor Ban filter is available in 1"-6" in thickness to remove odors from your indoor air.Pulverized activated carbon Is manufactured into the media fibers traps molecular pollutants (chemical vapors) to neutralize odors in your home or office. Activated carbon granules are proven to adsorb pollutants like cleaning compounds, household smells, alcohols, sewer odors, stale odors, cooking [...]

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Pureatech Filters Best Online Pricing

Apply this coupon code for $20 off our already discounted Pureatech replacement filter kits: D1lbXP2H6P83

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Online Pureatech coupon code

Coupon code D1IBXP2H6P83 for all Pureatech filter replacement kitsSee our store site Here are a few features of our U.S.A.manufactured Pureatech replacement filtersTRUE MERV 11 or MERV 13 rated filters you selectTRUE Anti-allergen hypo allergenic filtersTRUE High capacity filters with more pleats per square inchTRUE Wholesale prices with a full year and two year filter pack options (6/6) or (12/12)We now offer smaller quantities for [...]

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Pureatech filter replacement specials

Pureatech FAQ(s) Question: Do I need a UV germicidal bulb? The answer is no!You cannot slow the air speed down enough inside the air stream on an inline retro fitted air cleaner for UV light to be effective. The UV bulb concept was used byPureatechfor marketing purposes to try to promote 3 stage filtration.The correct application of UV germicidal [...]

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